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Suomi Communications Oy provides the fiber connection to the building - 1000/1000 Mbps speeds are delivered to every apartment


Suomi Communications offers a comprehensive broadband solution for the housing company. The broadband is paid for by the housing company.


The connection can be used from the Ethernet socket labeled AS x.1 found in the cross connection closet of your apartment. The housing company broadband is connected to every apartment and the connection includes one dynamically distributed IPv4 address for each apartment. As well as the AS x.1 socket, the cross connection closet also contains numbered Ethernet sockets which can be used to connect to corresponding Ethernet ports found in other areas of the apartment.

ADSL and VDSL modems are not to be used, because the connection is provided using Ethernet. Instead of a modem you should use a router or a firewall. The recommended minimum requirements for the router are:

The WAN and LAN ports should support speeds of up to 1000 Mbps via Ethernet.
- The router should support the WLAN standards 802.11ac or ax.

The connections of other internet service providers can still be used at your own expense and the termination of such contracts is your own responsibility. If the housing company broadband is to be connected for use afterwards, this will carry a fee.

Our customer service can be reached on weekdays from 8 AM to 6 PM via phone from +358 9 4342 1700 and via email at asiakaspalvelu@suomicom.fi.

Tips for testing your connection speed

- The test should be done with an Ethernet cord connected directly into the cross connection closet. The Ethernet cable's jack should have all eight copper wires connected.
- Older devices can not necessarily measure up to speeds of 1/1 Gbps.
- Even if your router supports speeds of 1/1 Gbps, the router's performance may be lower than required for actual speeds of 1/1 Gbps.
- Instead of the browser version of Ookla's Speedtest app, we recommend the use of the desktop version which is available for download from the Microsoft Store.

Usage options

One device connected by wire

In the cross connection closet, connect an Ethernet cord from the port AS x.1 to port 1.1. Connect an Ethernet cord from the corresponding port 1.1 to the device.

Multiple devices connected by wire

In the cross connection closet, connect an Ethernet Cord from the port AS x.1 to your router's WAN port. Connect the router's LAN ports with Ethernet cords to the numbered Ethernet ports in the closet. Connect Ethernet cords from the corresponding numbered ports in the apartment to your devices.

Multiple devices connected wirelessly

In the cross connection closet, connect an Ethernet cord from the port AS x.1 to a numbered Ethernet port. Connect the corresponding port in the apartment to the wireless router's WAN port. Connect your wireless devices into the router's WLAN.

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